About The Brand

Natural butters and oils, such as shea butter, cocoa butter and grapeseed oil have been used in skincare for centuries. Generation after generation have touted them for various moisturising, protective, and anti-ageing qualities. With the growth of the modern cosmetic and wellness industries, these deceptively simple substances have often been overlooked, but they’ve had a resurgence in the public eye over the last decade,as people strive to find additive-free, affordable, and effective products.

Anasa Skin aims to bring these ancient cosmetics back to the forefront of our daily skincare routines. Using sustainably sourced ingredients from West, East and Southern Africa, and with a focus on Bath & Body - this authentically African brand creates products that promote glowing, supple and healthy skin. For The Body.

Handcrafted & Curated in Johannesburg, South Africa. A Product of Africa.

Behind The Brand


Founder of Anasa

Anasa was created from a passion I have for natural, unrefined products. A few years ago, I started being more selective of what I was using on my skin and began researching ideal skincare ingredients that I could trace back to nature. Ones that were natural, plant-based and pure.

In my discovery, a lot of the material that I read referenced back to early centuries - to the days of Cleopatra. Before factories, before parabens, before artificial fragrances. A recurring theme of core substances were mentioned as the keys to healthy skin most of which are indigenous to the African continent. West Africa for example, is globally known for its production of shea butter.

I began sourcing these raw, unrefined ingredients and started making mixes at home for myself to use with various butters and oils. I then gifted these to family and friends who also loved the change they saw in their skin. The idea then evolved to this company - Anasa Skin, that seeks to make these natural, plant-based gems available to a wider audience for the benefit of their skin.

'Anasa’ in Swahili means luxury. In Kenya where my sister lives - it’s a term used to describe the good life. It means pleasure, enjoyment, sensuality. And that’s how I feel when I use these products on my skin – it makes me feel like I’m living the Anasa life.